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Asterion AC Series












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Advanced Features

  • 500VA to 9000VA Programmable  AC output power
  • AC/DC source and digital power analyser built-in
  • Arbitrary waveform generation capability
  • Harmonic waveform generation capability
  • AC/DC transients generation capability
  • Intuitive touch panel control
  • iX2™ current doubling technology
  • Multi-language for global operation
  • Auto paralleling for higher power
  • Combine units for multi-phase configurations
  • Complete optional avionic test suites
  • ATE version available
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Performance. Reliance. Brilliance.

Inspired by the enduring power of a brilliant star, the California Instruments "Asterion" line of AC power sources by AMETEK Programmable Power combines intelligence and flexibility to create an advanced platform of AC solutions. This easy-to-configure design features sophisticated technology for delivering high performance, programmable AC and DC power. Its sleek design packs maximum power density into a low-profile form factor with an intuitive touch screen interface placing that power at your fingertips. Centralized control and unparalleled modularity make Asterion the most adaptable platform on the market. Its ground-breaking capabilities set the standard for affordable, precision power sources.

iX2™ current doubling technology.

All Asterion sources employ AMETEK’s latest current enhancing technology, iX2™. The iX2 current doubling technology enables output current to increase linearly up to two times the full voltage current as the voltage decreases from range maximum to one-half of range voltage. iX2 technology results in a source that delivers full power over the widest voltage ranges. This eliminates the need to buy overpowered sources just to reach low line current requirements.

Control via Front Panel Touchscreen & Encoder or available digital control interfaces

The Asterion AC Series can be operated from the intuitive, easy to use front panel touchscreen or the Ethernet LXI, USB and RS232 standard control interfaces, as well as through the optional GPIB control interface The touchscreen function group icons include a Dashboard, Output Programming Parameters, Measurements, Sequencing, Configuration, Control Interfaces, Applications, and System Settings. Function selection and parameter entry can be achieved either by direct selection from the touchscreen or by using the encoder selector button. The control resolution is adjusted by a dynamic rate change algorithm that combines the benefits of precise control over small parameter changes with quick sweeps through the entire range.


The Asterion AC Series is designed for testing today’s complex electronics, including avionics, telecommunications and commercial electronics requiring low profile, light weight power sources with high power density. Other applications include:

  • Commercial and military avionics test
  • AC power simulation
  • Manufacturing and process control
  • Frequency & voltage conversion
  • IEC standards testing
  • ATE applications

Asterion AC Virtual Panels (Graphical User Interface)

Virtual Panels allow remote control of the Asterion AC power source, as well as programming communication and monitoring for the Asterion ATE model, without front panel display.​

The Asterion Series is available in an ATE (Automated Test Equipment) version without front panel, manual controls.


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