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TCI dV/dT Filters

TCI dV/dT Filters











dV/dT filters limit peak voltage and increase voltage rise time in association with the output of VSD’s. In addition to mitigating harmonics, the dV/dT filters also limit voltage spikes below 1,000V for long lead applications, reduce Common Mode Currents by 30% and significantly extend the life span of motors and cables.

The V1K is the newest generation of dV/dT output filters and has demonstrated success in protecting the cable and motor insulation.


Key features

Limits voltage spikes below 1,000 Volts for long lead applications

Greatly extends the life of the motor and cable

30% reduction in Common Mode Current

Reduction in motor temperature


  • Oil and Gas Pumps
  • Irrigation Fields, Farms
  • Water, Wastewater
  • HVAC
  • Pulp, Paper


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V1k dV/dT Filter by TCI


The V1k is the newest generation of the KLC dV/dT output filters.

The V1K filter supersedes the KLC product line and is available in IP00, IP20 and Type Nema 3R configurations.

V1k filters:

  • Slow down the pulse dv/dt by a factor of 3, reducing the harmful common mode currents
  • Increase bearing life and up-time
  • Reduce common mode noise and currents


Mitigate Reflective Wave
By combining a patented dampening circuit with a low pass filter, V1k filters:

  • Increase the voltage rise time
  • Prevent voltage spikes from exceeding 1,000V
  • Slow pulse transitions, reduce dV/dT
  • Protect motor and cable insulation


    Voltage without V1k                    Voltage with V1k


Common Motor Currents - V1k Motor Protection Filter
Common Mode Currents leads to bearing pitting and bearing fluting V1k Motor Protection
Filters reduce this by a minimum of 30%.


 Common Mode without V1k         Common Mode after V1k


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