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Hi-Pot (Safety) Testers

Hi-Pot (Safety) Testers
Fuseco offers wide range of Hi-Pot (Safety) Testers from GW Instek. Safety testers are designed to ensure safe operation of DUTs under various operating conditions and environment. GW Instek’s GPT-9900/GPT-9800/GPT9600 series safety testers provide safe and quick measurement tools for AC/DC withstanding voltage tests, insulation resistance tests, and AC ground bond tests. Those tests are required by many international safety regulations such as CE, UL, VDE, etc.
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  • Hi-Pot (Safety) Tester Options
    Function Description Series Power  
    AC/DC/IR/GB Hi-Pot (Safety) Testers GPT-9900 Series 500VA
    AC/DC/IR/GB Hi-Pot (Safety) Testers GPT-9800 Series 200VA
    AC/DC/IR Hi-Pot (Safety) Testers GPT-9600 Series 100VA
    GB AC Ground Bond Testers GCT-9040 Series AC 40A