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Fuseco offers wide range of oscilloscopes from GW Instek. GW Instek provides an entire series of oscilloscope solution, comprised of four groups: Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Handheld (Portable) Oscilloscope, Analog Oscilloscope, and Real Time/Digital Storage Oscilloscope. GW Instek provide a complete range of Digital Oscilloscopes which have integrated features such as Spectrum Analysers, DMM’s, Logic Analysers and Power Supplies making them a powerful instrument for monitoring and analysis of signals. Features include Mixed Domain, Mixed Signal, Serial Analysis, FFT Analysis as well as Visual Persistence Display adding to the usability of their User Interface.

The frequency bandwidth ranges from the handy 50MHz to the high-class 500MHz. In addition, up to 5GSa/s real-time sampling rate and 10M points memory depth can pick up and hold the complete signal in order to preserve the accuracy. PC interfaces such as USB, LAN, GPIB, RS-232C, and Printer Port are integrated to the panel to satisfy data transmit/save needs.

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  • GW Instek Oscilloscope Options
    Bandwidth Description Series Sampling Rate Price From  
    70MHz, 100MHz, 200MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope GDS-1000A-U Series 1GSa/s $380
    70MHz, 100MHz, 200MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope GDS-1000B Series 1GSa/s $439
    70MHz, 100MHz, 200MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope GDS-2000E Series 1GSa/s $646
    70MHz, 100MHz, 200MHz, 300MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope GDS-2000A Series 2GSa/s $1,029
    150MHz, 250MHz, 350MHz, 500MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope GDS-3000 Series 5GSa/s $2,586
    70MHz, 100MHz, 200MHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope MSO-2000E Series 1GSa/s $1,274
    70MHz, 100MHz, 200MHz Mixed Domain Oscilloscope MDO-2000E Series 1GSa/s $1,116