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Are you unsure of how to comply with Harmonic Distortion specifications?

Are you unsure of how to comply with Harmonic Distortion specifications?

Are you occasionally presented with the challenge of dealing with excessive harmonics on a site?

The presence of non-linear loads in some electrical systems present us with this challenge and further to that, we have to comply with Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) specifications provided by supply authorities and consulting engineers.

Melbourne University recently embarked on a major re-development of an existing building to use as a new base for one of its departments. The project required a new HVAC system, including the installation of two new chiller units.

The chiller units had to comply with the harmonic standards specified by the consulting engineers.

Fuseco analysed the site and facilitated a consultative process involving the electrical contractor and the project engineers. The solution chosen was to install one wall-mounted Sinexcel 60A Active Harmonic Filter per chiller and the results were outstanding.

The following photos from the site tell the story.

The Sinexcel 60A Active Harmonic Filter mounted on one of the chillers

The load waveform prior to compensation

The output of the Active Filter to compensate for the load harmonics

The load waveform after compensation

The voltage waveform after compensation

This is another example where Sinexcel Active Harmonic Filters have achieved excellent results. With their unique modular design and 3-level topology performance, Sinexcel Active Harmonic Filters offer a highly flexible, reliable and customisable solution in active harmonic compensation systems.

Sinexcel. New generation technology & high performance in a compact, light weight box.

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