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Passive Harmonic Filters now available in IP54

The use of Passive Harmonic filters is growing rapidly and for good reason! In this economic environment, saving $$$$ is vital! These devices significantly reduce load applied harmonics in 3 phase power systems. But what does that mean for you? Reduce the cost of system operation & maintenance. Increase the longevity of equipment. Achieve a significant reduction of...

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Semiconductor fuses in enclosed holders?

Be very careful when using semiconductor fuses in enclosed fuse holders! This issue is becoming more prevalent and unfortunately we are aware of a few recent cases where the mismatch of semiconductor fuses and fuse holders has resulted in a fire and expensive damage to a board. It's actually easy to prevent such events from happening, but first you need to know why they happen... There are many performance categories of fuses. The most common category...

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Can solar installations effect radio & TV reception?

In recent times, we have received many enquiries from people who have installed a solar electrical system in their home or office and then mysteriously lost reception for their TV or AM radio. This can be an unfortunate consequence of installing an inverter...but there is a solution! Introducing Photovoltaic DC RFI Filters! If you have installed a solar system that converts the sun's energy into electricity and at some point injects electricity into the...

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Fuseco launches new 2013 Catalogue

The Fuseco 2013 catalogue has arrived! Initially launched in 1996, the Fuseco catalogue has become an institution in the electrical industry. Known as "THE fuse book" or "the orange book" it has become a valuable tool for all customers. The catalogue contains valuable cross reference tables and identification tools designed to help customers find what they need. Many international visitors to Australia (from fuse manufacturers) have expressed that in their...

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Fuseco participates in ATRAA 2009 ATRAA is Australia's premier exhibition and conference for the solar industry. This was the 32nd event and was held at the National Convention Centre in Canberra over four days (Wednesday 29th July to Saturday 1st August) The event attracts a variety of delegates, ranging from business leaders, suppliers, installers to students, trainers, teachers and manufacturers. This year, Fuseco exhibited a range of PV fuse solutions...

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New Fuse Base with Covers from SIBA

New Fuse Base with Covers from SIBA Enclosing semiconductor fuses has always been a challenge due to the fact that semiconductor fuses operate at high temperatures and often produce too much heat to be safely operated in a fully enclosed holder. The downside is that operators have to live with a fuse and holder that is fully exposed to the operating environment and that has not always been desirable. SIBA have released a new fuse base for the DIN000-80 (DIN...

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Fuseco moves into the Power Quality market!

After establishing a strong reputation over 16 years as Australia's premier supplier of fuse products, Fuseco has decided to expand its product offering into the area of Power Quality. What is Power Quality? Power Quality is the field of mitigating the effects of harmonics and RFI from electrical systems. Although a considerable focus of Power Quality is the electrical environment surrounding variable speed drives and motors, Power...

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