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Active Harmonic Filters - The Ultimate way to Mitigate Harmful Harmonics!

Active Harmonic Filters - The Ultimate way to Mitigate Harmful Harmonics!

Engineers have always had to find a way of dealing with harmonics caused by non-linear loads and traditionally, the solutions were complex, expensive and used a lot of valuable space.


How times have changed ...

In recent years, much progress has been made in the field of Active Harmonic Filters. The latest generation of Sinexcel Active Harmonic Filters bring high performance and low cost into a modular light-weight package that can either be rack or wall mounted.





Key Features

  • Compact Size and Light Weight
    Can be wall mounted and installed in small spaces.
  • Harmonics Compensation Capability
    Compensates 2nd to 50th harmonic order or simultaneous compensation of all 50 harmonic orders.
  • Algorithm Intelligence
    Intelligent technology that integrates both FFT and Dynamic Compensation Modes, customized to your requirements.
  • 3-Level Topology
    Unique 3-level topology based on a zero voltage transformation design & incorporating a high frequency inductor technology results in more than 97% efficiency.
  • Ease of Installation and Commissioning
    Plug and Play
  • User-friendly Interface and Monitoring
    Very easy to operate. Online monitoring and programming available. Presents information in terms of numerical data, waveform analysis, etc.
  • Also available in 690V
  • 2 year warranty
  • Standards
    IEEE519 / IEC61000 / IEC60146 / EN55011 / EN50091


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