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Fuseco exhibits at the EMC Society of Australia Workshop 2015

Fuseco exhibits at the EMC Society of Australia Workshop 2015

The EMC Society of Australia held a highly anticipated Workshop Event on the 23rd June 2015 at the RACV Club in Melbourne.












Attendees were treated to numerous presentations from experts in industry and academia, including a welcome by the EMCSA Chairman Mark Mifsud and a keynote speech from Steve Parker, CEO Griffith Hack.

 The following presentations were made

  • “Are there gaps in Australia’s current EMC regulatory arrangements that present unacceptable EMC risk?” by Steve Offer, Offer EMC Services.
  • “Over-the-air performance test and measurement requirements on wireless devices” by Martin Wiles, Director Test Solutions EMEA, ETS Lindgren.
  • “Simulation for EMC performance in modern electronics” by Frank Demming, Country Manager North Germany/BeNeLux CST AG.
  • “Near-field RADHAZ assessment in complex environments” by Andy Sayers, Senior E3 Engineer, Elbit.
  • “CISPR Standards Update” by Martin Wiles, Director Test Solutions EMEA, ETS Lindgren.
  • “Aerospace interoperability” by Mark Mifsud, FIEAust CPEng, E3 Capability Lead, Nova Systems.
  • “Internet of things” by Paul Payne, Sales Manager, EMC Technologies.
  • “Electromagnetic fields – An invisible hazard” by Stephen Phillips, Systems Manager, EMC Technologies.
  •  “Design considerations for buildings housing scientific equipment sensitive to EMI” by Darek Ocias, Project Engineer,
    Faraday Pty Ltd.
  • “Simulation demonstration CST Studio Suite 2015” by Frank Demming, Country Manager North Germany/BeNeLux CST AG.

Fuseco was proud to attend and exhibit at this event. In particular, Fuseco’s BDM of Test Equipment Mr. Sandeep Patel was in demand discussing the current product offerings from Teseq, IFI, Milmega, Gauss Instruments and N4L.

Teseq’s emissions and immunity equipment has been considered the world standard for many years now just as the RF Amplifier product range from IFI and Milmega. EMI receivers from Gauss Instruments are rapidly becoming the reference product in Europe and Fuseco is proud to be making them available for the Australian market.

Newton’s 4th Ltd (N4L) manufacture Power Quality Analysers with no peer and their range generated a lot of interest from the attendees. Fuseco is proud to be an Australian distributor for these brands and can be contacted to discuss virtually any requirement and application.

All in all, it was a wonderful event with plenty of opportunities for learning, networking or simply enjoying the company of fellow industry colleagues.