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Is 5% THID achievable with a passive solution? Absolutely!

Is 5% THID achievable with a passive solution? Absolutely!

If I need to achieve a 5% THID result in a drive environment, is my only option an Active Filter?

Till recently, the answer was ‘yes’. However MTE have recently released a new passive harmonic filter, the Matrix AP. The MTE Matrix AP offers equal to or better than 5% THID performance at full load current and starts to achieve that 5% performance from loads as low as 40% of full load current.

Are there other brands that can promise this level of performance?

We are not aware of any other brands that can promise 5% THID. Certainly in the Australian market there are no other options. The Matrix AP is a revolutionary step forward in passive filter design & performance.

Does Fuseco carry stock of the MTE Matrix AP?

Yes, we have a selection of sizes in stock for our customers. Please contact Fuseco to discuss your requirement.

Can I be confident that it will achieve 5% THID consistently?

Absolutely! In addition to offering you an industry leading 3 year product warranty, MTE are unique in publishing a Performance Guarantee:

‘Select and install the appropriate MTE Matrix AP harmonic filter in a variable torque AC variable speed drive application within MTE's published system limits and we guarantee that the input current distortion will be less than or equal to 5% THD at full load and less than 8% at 30% load. If a properly sized and installed filter fails to meet its specified THID level, MTE will provide the necessary modifications or replacement filter at no charge.’

How does it achieve this performance?

It features MTE's patented Adaptive Passive Technology for superior harmonic mitigation and better THID performance over a wider load range, hence allowing you to meet power quality standards such as IEEE 519, IEC 519 and AS/NZS61000.3.6.

Does it reduce energy costs?

Yes, that’s one of the most important benefits of using the MTE Matrix AP.

It reduces energy costs by improving system efficiency and reliability and it extends the service life of electrical equipment, especially transformers and motors.

Are they complicated to install & commission?

No, they are virtually 'Plug and Play'.

The unique design of the MTE Matrix AP filter incorporates only one reactor which has the input and the shunt coil on the same core. This requires less cabling and connections by the installer, therefore less cost to install.

Are they compatible with generators?

Leading power factor is detrimental for generator applications. The Matrix AP filter has a low kVAr content, hence making it suitable for use with most generators. This is another unique feature of the MTE Matrix AP.


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