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N4L PPA500 vs Yokogawa WT300E

N4L PPA500 vs Yokogawa WT300E

N4L have long been recognised as being an industry leader in technological development for Power Analyzers, Frequency Response Analyzers (gain/phase analyzers) and a suite of other sophisticated products.

Recently, another famous brand of Power Analyzers ‘Yokogawa’ released the WT300E which is similar to the WT300 with a few changes.

We have been analysing the WT300E and performed an in depth competitive analysis against N4L’s PPA500.

We have used data from the respective datasheets of each product to compile a comprehensive comparison report and have tried to cover all performance aspects of both models.

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Our conclusion is that the N4L PPA500 is a superior measurement instrument than both the Yokogawa WT300E and the WT300.

This type of performance places N4L as a technological market leader with unrivalled performance.

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