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A Revolution in how we Approach Power Factor Correction!

A Revolution in how we Approach Power Factor Correction!

It is not very often indeed that anyone can truthfully say that a new product is revelatory, meaning .... it's the first of its kind and it will change the way we approach an application.

Not content with revolutionising the field of harmonic mitigation with its active filter technology, Sinexcel are now about to do it again .... in the field of Power Factor Correction!

Sinexcel have released a new range of Power Factor Correction solutions (ASVG & SVG) with the following unique abilities:

1. They also provide simultaneous harmonic compensation!

2. They also provide simultaneous phase balancing!

3. Corrects for a lagging power factor and for a leading power factor!

4. Compact design allows for more reactive power (kVAr) for a given space than any
    other currently available system (to the best of our knowledge).

Details for this highly anticipated product range will be released soon. For further information please contact Fuseco’s Power Quality Product Manager, Mr. David Gale (david@fuseco.com.au).

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