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Red Spot & BS88 fuses...are you stuck in the 1950's?

Red Spot & BS88 fuses...are you stuck in the 1950's?


Around the world, DIN Rail Cartridge fuses and holders have replaced BS88 fuses & Red Spot holders.


British Standard (BS88) Fuses & Red Spot Holderswere designed in the 1950's, however, modern electrical environments are now much more complex and demanding and the world has moved to a more modern fusing system

Get a competitive edge!

Today, the DIN Rail Cartridge Fuse system has become the new standard in Europe and is becoming the first choice in Australia. When compared to the BS88 fuse system, there are many reasons why the IEC DIN Rail Cartridge Fuse system is a much better choice. 

Here's why it's a much better choice:


  • Save $$$$. It's much cheaper
    Both the fuses and the fuse holders are far more cost effective than BS88.


  • Smaller footprints
    The DIN Rail holders are smaller than the BS88 holders, especially as you increase the current rating.This means that you can fit more into a panel - a great advantage.


  • DIN Rail - It's much faster to install
    No need to drill holes in the panel and wire in. Just click the holder onto the DIN Rail. This saves significant time and reduces labour costs.


  • Much less downtime to replace the fuse.
    There's no need to unscrew blown fuses from their mounts and then screw the new fuses in which could take precious minutes. Just pop open the holder, insert a new fuse in, close it and you're ready to go. Less downtime means greater efficiency.


  • Higher breaking capacity capability
    This allows you to protect from higher potential fault currents.


  • Blown fuse LED indicator available
    The fuse holders have an LED light indicator option to easily identify blown fuses. If you are using banks of fuse holders, this feature further reduces downtime by making blown fuse identification instant for the service engineer. No need to use a meter & probe.


  • Remote monitoring (micro switch) available
    Some installations utilise remote monitoring for the ultimate downtime reduction strategy. These fuse holders facilitate a simple snap-on micro switch to connect to remote monitoring systems.


Have a close look at this intelligent fuse solution...the advantages are compelling!


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